Monday, 13 October 2014

Call Me Mr Pink! Vietnam Pink Team Helicopter Squad

Hello All

After doing a load of Great War Germans I decided to mix things up a bit and get back to my Vietnam US. Having spent many months looking at the Helicopters on my desk I decided to start with a Cobra and a Loach pink team (so called as it's a mix of the White scout teams and the Red attack helicopter team), partly as they are in my first infantry army list and I wanted to do something small, but mainly as helicopters are cool!
The Loach was a great piece of kit, the plastic make it very quick to put together (especially compared to the other Helicopters in the range) and it looks very slick once done. I as always followed the guide on the Battlefront website but I do feel I put the back fin on at the wrong angle.

I had a lot of fun painting it and found the Vallejo Orange and Yellows surpisingly easy to use. The glass was done using Luftwaffe Grey adding in white, I messed around with a different style for me with the glass and on the Loach I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
For the second member of the pink team was the Cobra, I choice this over a Hog as the Hog's weapons systems look a lot harder to put together... and also the shark mouth looks very cool!
I painted this the same way I painted the Loach but I thought it was missing something, I then saw the cockpit was painted black on some of the studio Cobras and that looked like is made a big difference. The problem was I wasn't tidy enough and I had to repainted the glass, well after three or four attempts I couldn't get it back to how it looked on the Loach and I decided I was just making it look worst and worst. So I stopped trying to improve it and left it as you see it know. I'm not 100% happy with it as I know it looked better before I added the black, but I'm happy with the overall effect.
Next up I have a couple of Patton tanks before I move on to the infantry and then more Helicopters!

Thanks for looking an until next time just remember Charile don't surf!



  1. AWESOME! Man they look kick ass!
    Great job and just another reminder that I have some of these in my unbuilt/unpainted horde.

  2. Both of them look real good! Keep up the good works Sir! I agree with you on the tailfin on the Loach, mayhaps it is the difference between the Anzac and US version. More research is required I guess. The Hog's weapons are not that bad to work with but the ammo feed belts are a royal pain.

    1. Thanks, it was more the ammo fed I was struggling with, I might just not sure it....