Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Great War German Infanteriekompanie HQ (GGE701)

Hello All

Today I'm finally rounding out my Great War army with the final blister, the Infanteriekompanie HQ (GGE701).
Of all the blisters this was the most fun! The amount of option to paint up and use is massive! Flamer throwers, light (well if you can call FP 3+ light!) mortars and anti-tank rifles, this blister has it all.
First up the HQ teams, these guys are the same as the normal platoons. I have tried to make them stand out by having the officer model at the back, hopefully this will make it stand out on the table.
The flamer thrower teams are my favourite teams in the army. I love the two man team, it looks almost steam punky. I can see these guys getting used a fair amount leading the first wave of any assault to clear the trenches, even if the platoon they are with can't do the job, hopefully the follow up wave will be able to.
The anti-rifles are pretty much what you'd expect and look nice. They don't look that different from the Early War versions. Not sure I will use these much, with the AT 3 HMG's being more of an all rounder I think they are better value for the points.
The Granatenwerfer mortar teams are a great little unit for the game, they give your Germans a real punch with the rate of fire 2 and 3+ FP, these guys will do the job with your trying to get through some HMG bunkers.
Finally the Sniper, a little more pricey than in WW2 FoW at 60pts, but might be worth a punt on the defense to slow down the enemy infantry with a one hit pin. Also with every army having to be infantry based it will be useful in ever game unlike in normal FoW where you might face a tank army at which point you have wasted your points.
Well thats the HQ blister pack, this pack is what I personally think makes the Germans more interesting than the British in Great War. The options you get mean you can tailor your force to the job at hand and as everyone knows variety is the spice of life!

I now just have the second infantry platoon to paint up and the army deal is finished! Then I will probably pick up the Stoss platoon and some artillery.

Thanks for looking and until next time


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  1. Great result. That's an excellent diversity for a player to utilise.