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The Great War - Ze Germans Part 2 - Unboxing

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Welcome to part 2 of my Great War German unboxing, in part 1 I looked at the Infanterie Platoon's, HQ and the Infanterie Machine-Gun Platoon, in part 2 I'm going to look at the 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun and the A7V Tank (the one you have been waiting for!), after which I will close out with overall thoughts on the start set and then future plans.

(GGE560) 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun

The trench guns are by far the smallest blister in terms of number of models in the army deal.
You get four different crew with eight in total. These had no flash whats so ever bar the tabs but if your going to have flash that's where I want it! The crew is what you'd expect from a battlefront set of gun crew.
The Guns were a but of a pain to put together, the wheels sockets didn't seem to fit the pegs on the main gun. also I had to file down the hole in the gun shield so I could stick it together. There was also more flash on this than previous models.
Overall this may have been the worst set of the lot, it's not to say it's bad at all but compared to how clean and easy to put together all the other sets were this one was a little off. Game wise I have a feeling the trench guns are going to be a much have to remove HMG's and the like.

(GGBX01) A7V Tank

Now the one you have been waiting for! The A7V tank. This model is massive! It also came with a surprising amount of bits, your choice of mud guards (will be honest until I opened the box I had no idea there was different mud guards).
The decal sheet is very extensive and has 14 of the names A7V's that were named, so with a little research you can model your tank to be any one you want it to be.
Building wise these were very quick to put together, the only bit you need to be careful of our the tracks and thats only alignment issues. The MG's needed a little care but nothing a pair of tweezers couldn't fix.
Overall this is a great model, almost no model lines and quick to build. I can't wait to paint these bad boys up and get them on the gaming table. They will be one of the last things I paint up as I want to reward myself when I finish the rest of the set.

Thoughts on the Box Set

I think this set and the British one are most haves for anyone looking to get into FoW The Great War. For £65 before discount you can't go wrong. The set is designed to be 1500pts but thats without all the HQ options and thats also running the army as Trained. Not sure I can think of many other companies who are doing such a good deal! The models are great and the detail is lovely, I just hope I can do a good job painting them.

Future Plans

I already have eyes on the Stoss platoon and a unit of Buete Panzers to add to the force along with Trench Mortars, but they might have to wait (as long as my will power can hold....). Myself and Dave are hoping to get these guys paint in fairly quick time and start playing so Great War games, once everything is painted up expect some linked AAR's as we try out all the missions. For me this has come just at the right time, it looks like something really different from next FoW but I don't need to learn a whole new rule set. 

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