Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Quick Project - Airfix Fw190

Hi All,

I've had a bit of a break from Flames of War and Modelling in general for a while since Art Of War. Mainly because the weather has been nice and I've been busy trying to sort out moving to Bournemouth.

I had a spare hour the other day so decided to do something quick and this is what I pulled out from under my desk.
I bought this a while ago for about £5 or £6 and it has been sat there since, along with a P47 Thunderbolt. The main reason I bought the model is that it was 1:100 scale and so a more accurate match for FoW than the 1:144 scale models Battlefront do.

The added bonus with this kit is that its also pre-painted. I wasn't sure if that would be a good thing initially but for the price I thought it would at least be worth a look and as you can see above the initial impression is that this is a very clean and crisp paint job!
The model has simple easy to read instructions on the back although to be honest they aren't really needed for most people! So far so good.
Obviously there's no hole for a flying base & magnet and after some thought I just went with glueing a magnet on the inside to keep things quick & simple (not like me I know!)

 Without a guide hole and alignment slots its not the most stable ever but I think it will do.
The main issue i had with the kit is that the undercarriage is only designed to be in the down position and not retracted for flying. As you can see the wheel fairing doesn't even fit into the hole in the wing!

After a lot more cutting and filing than I had intended the parts eventually fitted although its far from perfect. At this point I was thinking I wasn't really worth the hassle buying this kit.
However literally 5mins later this is what I had and all sins were forgiven! The only thing I didn't like now was the static looking propeller, which thankfully I hadn't glued on.
Skip forward a few days and I finished the plane off by cutting up the clear plastic from a blister pack. I should've been more careful as I managed to put a few scratches on the plastic but all in all I think it looks a lot better. Now I just need to finish off the base I scrounged off Ben.

Overall I actually really like this model now despite the issues with the undercarriage, we'll have to wait and see how the paint job holds up to gaming use though as I haven't matt varnished it. I could even be tempted to buy another to model as a crashed wreck...maybe.

Anyway thats all for now, thanks for reading



  1. Careful if you are planning to spray matt varnish throughout the model, it'll mist up that nice clear plastic prop effect horribly.

  2. Looks good. I have one of these in my horde. I should get it built one day.