Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blog Highlights - August

Hello All

Starting from today we are going to do a few posts focusing on great posts we have seen on other blogs around the internet to give them more attention.

First this time is Matt Pullens new blog, Papa Bear Wargaming.
He has done a great post about his first year playing in Flames of War tournaments, what he has learnt and what he plans to do next, check it out here.

Next up is Cameron from Rust in the City who is getting ready for X-Attack with his Panzer Lehr army.
A great post which partly made the list as I love reading about getting armies ready for tournaments and partly as he's running Panzer IV/70's and as any of you who listen to the podcast will know I love a Panzer IV/70's! Check out the post here

And finally I think you should check out Mike Haught's Operation Market Garden campaign.
You can see part one here, part two here and Mike own creation the pre Market Garden campaign the battle for Joe's Bridge.

I hope you enjoy the posts.

Thanks for looking



  1. I'd like to link with Papa Bear Wargamming, but I can't find a join button.

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog!

    I've been thinking for a while that someone should do a blog round-up every now and then for Flames of War. I've seen them for 40k and think it is a great idea to increase exposure to new blogs and direct people to cool FoW articles.

    Glad you liked the army building article. I thought of your 2ID and other speed lists when I was trying to figure out if I could possibly get them done in time. They are all basically tabletop quality at the moment. I just need to put some hours in to highlight a bunch of the infantry and then spend some time adding the final details onto 6 tanks.

    1. Cameron thank you for your posts, you always do a great job! Also happy my 2ID posts gave you the idea.

      The post idea for this seemed to come from the fact I read a lot of posts and I know how hard it is for blogs to get face time, especially when they are starting out.