Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Great War - Infanterie Platoon (GGE702) & 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun (GGE560)

Hello all

Following on from the unboxing of the German Army deals (you can see part 1 and 2 here) I have painted up the first two platoons, the first Infanterie Platoon and the Trench Guns.

Infanterie Platoon (GGE702)

For such a big platoon (number of bases wise) this platoon seemed really small, only 32 men that made painting a lot quicker :-)
The first three rifle teams
 The MG Teams
 The rest of the rifle teams and the Rifle Grenade team in the middle, I only modeled them with three men so they would stand out easier on the battlefield.
Overall I'm fairly happy with them, while not as nice as Winner Dave's British I'm still happy with how they turned out. As Winner Dave said in his post we choose to do muddy bases despite the the posts about how most of the fighting wasn't done in muddy conditions. I do slightly regret this choice but I mainly think that's because the Germans are quite dark and lighter bases might have been a better idea.

7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun (GGE560)

 I did the Krupp Infantry Guns as the test models, you don't normally get such a small platoon to practice on.
As I talked about in the unboxing, this wasn't the easiest model to put together, but it turned out great and you can hardly see the bits I had problems with. 
Not much to say about these guys, I do love the look of the guns facing sideways. I also tried out a new weathering method with a Tamiya Mud Weathering Stick, it's something I will be using again!

Next up I'm going to do the Infanterie HQ, so keep your eyes out for it.

Thanks for looking



  1. Very nice, what rules are you using? They almost look like they are based for flames of war.

  2. Ok read your other posts, didn't realise FoW was doing WWI

  3. Looks real good.
    The bases look excellent.

  4. Agreed with Kiwi. I love the little craters, puddles, and pieces of wood. Great work on the figures too. I love how the red on the uniform stands out, as well as the moustaches.