Friday, 15 August 2014

Finnish Panzer IV's

Hi all,

after a lot of Early War love it's time to go to Late War! And not just late war - it's 1945 and the Finn's are in the Lapin Sota!

Yes this is the only Finnish list giving you access to the panzer IV - and I love that tank. I had a box sitting around since I did my ten for my German force, but having long ago discarded my plan for a Peiper list the box has found it's use with my Finn's
I'm not going to go into the stats again, but I really see them working effectively in this list. You can have 5, and they can be a great assault unit or useful coming in as a defensive reserve. Backed up with smoke they really should hit hard in assault as it'll take 12 pinned bazook shots to get one result through smoke - and you need two obviously to bounce the assault. 
The reason above is not only the cover and RoF1 pinned, but the schurzen - though they are missing from my models - the reason being the Finns found they got caught on trees too easily.
The model itself was simple to put together, but I was also doing the new plastic T34's at the same time - and I really wished these had been plastic too after that experience!
For painting it was similar to my t-26's - the toothpaste application was a bit better though for more if a chipped snow look.
I also went to town with weathering paints from PSC and also some AK interactive 'winter grime' - all in all very pleased with the final result - hope you like them.



  1. Very well done Adam. The winter camo is really well done and realistic looking.

  2. Fantastic weathering and painting on them. They look excellent.