Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Great War - Tommies - OQF 18 Pdr and HMGs

Hi all,

My next batch of painting is complete. I painted the 18 pounders and HMGs at the same time.

The 18pdrs are cool looking gun and I love the gun carriage that comes with it...really helps to round the model out.
I googled the gun and checked out a lot of pictures.  I found a lot of them had brassy bits on them.  I think the colour I ended up with is too yellow and am thinking of dulling it down a bit...but I'll live with it for now and see how I feel once I've had them on the table.

The HMGs were a bit fiddly to put together,  I ended up snipping off the rear leg of the tripod in order to get it in the hands of the gunner.  I don't think this is necessary IF you snip the base of the gunner, but it was too late for mine.

And there we have it.

Hope you like...any comments and criticisms are welcome.



  1. Splendid work on the guns and gun carriiages, love these troops!

  2. No criticisms here, they are amazing figures, the guns look brilliant!

  3. Looks very good. The canadian war museum has some picks online, there is quite a bit of brass and bronze on the gun.

    Well done.