Monday, 4 August 2014

The Great War - British Rifle Platoon - GBR702

It's been a bit of a mad dash to get these done, but it's been an incredibly enjoyable painting these fellas.  So here we have my attempt at a Great War British Rifle Platoon.

Group shot!

The Lewis gunners...

These are my Rifle Grenade stands, I used some guys throwing mills bombs as well just to mix it up.
Couple of rifle stands
Couple more.
Platoon command stand

and finally the company commander and sniper team.
I kept the bases simple.  Phil and Mike have done a great job of debunking some WW1 myths, which is cool and if you listen to our podcast where Ben asks me about WW1, you'll notice my mind immediately goes to the western front.  I definitely want to do the  whole muddy shell holes thing...because if I don't do it now...when will I?  I guess I prefer the cliché image...for now anyway.

Hope you like them.



  1. Well done. I quite like the bases. Did you use Vallejo pumice?

  2. I used Vallejo Dark Earth, which is like a pre-coloured Pumice...just saves a bit of time.
    Thanks mate

  3. Superb result. Great job.