Friday, 14 February 2014

Corrivalry 2014 Photo Dump

Hi All

Last weekend myself (Ben), Winner Dave , Doc Alex and Adam all went to Corrivalry for the first comp of the year. A great run event by Nobby as normal with 84 gamers from the UK, France, Italy, USA and New Zealand. A poor weekend gaming wise for most of the Bournemouth group but a well done to Adam who finished 11th. You can listen to our weekend in the next Beyond The Foxholes.
Anyway here are our pictures from the weekend

WinnerDave :- Adam always ends up playing this guy (Mike aka Santa)
WinnerDave:- Got very depressed after seeing this army...just so good

Thanks for looking, Ben


  1. Wow, lots of pictures. I like the variety in the tables. Lots of different types of tables and a variety of terrain density. Some cool themed tables too.

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing! Some really nice tables there. Looks like Corrivalry was an excellent tournament (again).


  3. No pictures of the prize winning Arnhem table? ;)


    1. I did a photo of all the terrain early on Saturday so sadly missed Arnhem - it was epic though and really wished I'd had the chance to play on it!