Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Tale of One Rushed Gamer

So, I had someone else make some New Years resolutions for me, I objected to this but was told to suck it up. The main ones I can be bothered to remember were that I needed to do one post a month. Which I have failed as it's now February.

The other one was that I needed to put together an axis army and use it in a tournament. Now this weekend (literally, it's Thursday 6th Feb as I'm writing this) is Corrivalry. I was planning on taking my British rifle company as a good list which has been complete for the best part of a year, but no, at the last minute I decided to take a stupid axis list. This means as many king tigers as I can fit in the Ausbildungs abtielung 500 list from Desperate Measures.

I had got together the stuff I needed, but precisiely none was painted. As such week before I started painting like I was about to die and wanted to leave my as yet unconceived children an army of king tigers. First up was all the artillery, planes, smoke, recce and good stuff available to me in the list:
After rapidly completing the non-existent options I put together the other ones. Now because one week to put a whole army together is a bit easy, I decided to make it harder. Therefore I went for the option available at corrivarly to have a 450 point swap out to part customise your list for the mission/enemy you are facing. This means that if I drop the 2ic King Tiger, I get two platoons worth of infantry, one mobilised in halftracks. This means more painting.

Also because I thought that painting around 2000 points of stuff in a week was still too easy, I decided to go with a winter theme.

But Snow and a huge amount of tanks and some needless infantry was still a bit easy, so I decided to round off the challenge by not having any schurzen on my Panzer 3 models (the PSC ones) as such I needed to do some scratch building.
Therefore I present what is certainly my quickest army I have ever put together, it is also the one with my lowest win rate (currently none for lots, seriously I cannot get this list to work.) some of these are work in progress shots. That's right, I even had time to take two photos during the whole exercise...

My hope is that I only face Matilda hordes at Corrivalry. I reckon this is a pretty good plan...


Ps I came 56th, which was second best of the breakthrough assault team. This meant I won not one but two actual games, and I could have won a third if I hadn't been so hungover...


  1. Wow, that is definitely impressive! I can't believe you decided to do infantry support too. I'd at least just do armour! I hope the tournament is going well. Post a picture of the whole completed force together!

  2. Seriously, WTF were you thinking? This was so over-the-top ambitious that I if I could lift my jaw off my lap I would sing your praises to all who can hear me (which would be a sleeping 3-yr old, so don't get too excited). I gave myself a year to get my French Foreign Legion early war FOW army project done, and failed (due to extenuating circumstances). But to even conceive a whole army in a week is nuts. NUTS I tell you.

    Awesome. Just awesome. I am inspired.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.