Sunday, 16 February 2014

53rd Welsh Division Themed Objective Markers

Mae'n ddrwg gen i os yw hyn yn erthygl tramgwyddo unrhyw un, yn enwedig y Gymraeg. yn dda mewn gwirionedd ychydig o dynnu coes yn cael ei awgrymu felly efallai y byddwch yn cael ychydig yn troseddu.

Hi everyone, I thought I would return to that great tradition of making themed objective markers for an army.
I thought I would explain a little bit about what I know about Wales and why I've chosen these themes for objectives.
Wales for those of you who don't know is the bit of land just west of Bristol. The UK government actively discourages people to go their by charging a fee to enter Wales. Wales has been under English rule when in 1282 Edward the 1st invaded and conquered the welsh.
My personal understanding of Wales comes from two sources. My junior school rugby teacher and my welsh ex girlfriend. 

The first objective here is for when my forces need to move off to claim an objective, it depicts the welsh love of fighting and teamwork, Rugby. Rugby is the welsh national pastime, and has led to such sporting greats as Gavin Henson, though like all great sports (cricket etc) it was invented by the English. However I will say that the darkest days of my life were when those <-deleted-> <-deleted-> welsh  <-deleted-> beat England at rugby, and my girlfriend at the time was welsh. I remember the pride in her relatives house with this mirror on which were engraved the dates of all the Welsh 5 and 6 nation wins and grand slams; sadly I could not find where the welsh World Cup win was engraved... In honour of that the base of this objective has the dates of the Welsh World Cup wins, whilst the man underneath the posts (shortened due to logistics of transport) is calling his team back to the try line - no doubt to wait for the oppositions conversion attempt.
The second objective is for defending, the one true love of all Welshmen, sheep. The love of sheep is now in the DNA of Welshmen, having passed from father to son. I have left the sheep wild, like the welsh love of sheep. With one solitary black sheep - to remind us all of our own black sheep.
Finally I have done a commemorative command team for the force. I have previously denoted my two HQ teams by a St George's cross for the IC and a St Andrews cross for the 2IC. This time it's a welsh commander leading his men/sheep to war with a little welsh flag on the back.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did making them (drinking a beer or 2 while I did!) until next time

yn dod ar chi Cymraeg


  1. As a welshman, I find these highly insulting.

    And hilarious. :)

    Very nicely done.