Friday, 21 February 2014

British Sextons and Bofors (SP) AA

Ok the penultimate unit for my Brits! This is my second platoon of sextons I've painted, I did a platoon a couple if years back but the way they were painted didn't fit with the army hence the second platoon. The models themselves I like, they fit together easily have enough details and the crew are easily separable to paint. 
I've painted them in the same way as the rest of my Brits, base colour, highlights and army painter dark tone, followed by Matt varnish. I had a spare Sherman from open fire which has become the OP tank for the unit as well.
Game wise, really just reread my post on 25pdrs lol. They're very similar but more mobile. In the past they've worked well in an armoured force, as the direct smoke frees up the shermans to damage tanks, and the direct fire can get infantry out of foxholes! 
The only thing I dislike is the complete lack if armour, looking at then I always expect a slight better front armour value.
So the final unit! So the first question is why? Well I had this unit from when I first did Canadians, and I wanted to keep some AA for the list, so instead of selling and rebuying I stripped these and set about r&r painting them. 
The model itself is not great to put together, the gun is fiddly and doesn't fit together well (as I realised when I reassembled it, my loathing of assembling this model last time). I painted them in much the same way, but decided unlike last time to add the decals, including some allied stars on the gun shield ( not sure about historical accuracy there!) 
In game terms, these guys are unable to move and shoot due to awkward layout, so often need to be in place from the beginning (for AA duties) or move then shoot (for anti infantry duties) - they also are un armoured which doesn't help them survive.
Frankly they are a filler unit at best. Despite that damning assessment I hope you like them! 

I hope you enjoy them


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  1. They'll also be a Rudel killer. No idea why SP Bofors are Awkward Layout, but German 1/2 track AA isn't?

    Sextons are pretty cool looking. Been meaning to pick up some myself.