Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

Hello All

Firstly Happy New Year to you all, may 2014 be a great year. So like in 2013 a new year means it's time for new year resolutions! This year we have changed things up a bit, on top of all of our own resolutions we've all given each other a bonus one and have a blog focused resolution.
  • I will not buy any new Flames of War armies and new games.
  • Have an Early War Soviet Infantry Army (that full 1500pts of Soviet Infantry and Gun Teams)
  • I will only sell models to replace them like for like (ish), so sell tanks; buy tanks.
  • Write 3 AAR's for Early War, Mid War and Late War (so 9 in total) - Blog Resolution
  • Qualify for the Masters - His Bonus One From Us
Winner Dave
  • Finish my Japanese Army.
  • Win best painted army at a tournament
  • Finish top half in a tournament
  • Play in a campaign
  • Write at least 6 AAR's - Blog Resolution
  • Write an in-depth tactica on Fallschirmjagers - His Bonus One From Us
  • Do Finnish for Early War, Mid War and Late War
  • Play in a Campaign
  • Finish in the top 25% of a tournament.
  • Do a painting post that ends up on the Battlefront Website - Blog Resolution 
  • Win best sport at a tournament - His Bonus One From Us
  • Build an Axis army.
  • Use said Axis army in a tournament.
  • Write 12 posts for 2014 with no Dystopian Wars Pictures in then - Blog Resolution
  • To get nominated for best painted again and win best opponent again. - His Bonus One From Us
  • Buy House and Move down south again!
  • Complete my German army to 1750pts ready for a Campaign
  • Sell my unwanted/unpainted 40K miniatures to fund some 28mm WWII projects
  • Actually play some games as well as just paint stuff!
  • To play in a tournament - His Bonus One From Us
Thanks for looking and happy New Year

The Breakthrough Assault Guys


  1. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to seeing WD's in-depth tactica on Fallschirmjagers.