Monday, 30 December 2013

Matilda Horde!

Hello All,

Been a few weeks since the last time I did an update for my Soviets, so here is a nice little Matilda horde made up of 21 Zvezda Matilda models with a little conversion work.
These are also my first models for The Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. So hopefully a nice up chunk of points for me!

I have to be honest I have completely fallen for the current "meta" with this purchase. With the new Red Bear the reduced cost, top armour 2 and a surprisingly good all around armour, the Matilda is a great infantry assault unit.
The Zvezda models come with no open hatches, a problem as I want the commanders to be visible to make it easier spot them in the middle of the game. This was solved by cutting off the modeled off hatches and replacing the whole section with some spare Battlefront T-34 hatches I was given by Robin.
Overall I'm happy with the models and the paint job. The Zvezda model is a pretty good model, I would say one of their best when a few of them have been a little hit or miss.

Next up I have a company of Stuarts and 21 Soviet Shermans.

Thanks for looking and until next time



  1. A very nice set of tanks, the first picture is amazing!

  2. Good lord.... Not sure I could paint up so many of the same tank. All credit to you Soviet players.