Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Germans Having Lunch Britcon Objective Marker

Further to my efforts to get the painting queue down, I completed this Britcon objective marker.  In a similar fashion to my Hs129, this started the year on my list, so it's about time it got done.
I really enjoyed painting this, it's nearly all drybrushing and washes.

In case you fancy one for yourself, and why wouldn't you, the ruin is from Kerr and King, the minis are from Peter Pig.  As with all Peter Pig orders, you never really know how many men you'll get, I discovered you get 8, 3 of one pose, and 2 of another...why???
I'm definitely going to get the other objective marker, Brits having a brew, but i'll save it for next year. 
Thanks for reading

Winner Dave


  1. Congratulations, really attractive! Beautiful work

  2. Love that Peter Pig Set. I have it and snuck a few of these into my infantry squads.

  3. Very nice!

    My Brits are drinking tea instead of being an artillery command team. Explains why they do shite-all during my games....

  4. Very nice job, always interesting to see whats available from other (non BF) manufacturers...