Monday, 20 January 2014

All Mortars Great and Small

Hi all and another update for my commonwealth forces!

I've been plodding through with some slightly uninteresting units, mortars and heavy mortars. They're not exciting but they are pretty invaluable to an army.
I find having mortars is an almost compulsory choice in any infantry army I do (though occasionally I will forego them with my Brits as heavier artillery can fulfil the role too!) They have two roles in my head, pinning and smoke.
And that is normally there to get my forces to the assault and then improve their chances of winning. Whilst heavy mortars have the extra FP+ which is great vs infantry, their low AT often means I would rather have 25pdrs as opposed to them.
The other uses I find of mortars is in defense, with direct smoke and the ability to provide concealment and gtg once anti tank/ infantry have fired.
Another interesting option in some lists is extra Piats, which when defending an objective makes them a little sturdier.
Anyway hope you enjoy the models - till next time


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