Monday, 6 January 2014

Soviet SU-122's

Hello All

A quick update today for my very expanding Soviet army. I have started bulking out the support options with 4 SU-122's.
The models themselves were very nice to put together as unlike a lot of the T-34 based models the mud guards are modeled onto the hull. this saved me a lot of frustration.

Painting wise they were what I was expecting from my now 100 plus range of Soviet tanks, but where still enjoyable.
In the game the SU-122 is great with Volley Fire and Breakthrough gun they give you a great unit to dig out infantry and gun teams with. They are also very cheap from a points perspective.
Next up will be the Stuarts I talked about in my last post, they got pushed back a little as I found some time for a small unit but not a big 10 tank platoon.

Thanks for looking and until next time



  1. Those look great. I like your cinematic burning building.

  2. These are Battlefront?

    They look excellent, you are becoming quite the expert Soviet tank painter!

    1. Thanks Guys.

      @ Mr T. - Yes they are BF models. Soon of there best.

      @ Locker - I got a little bored so messed around with what I could do terrain wise. A burning building was one oh my ideas, I have more for another day ;-)