Monday, 13 January 2014

Big Guns Never Tire

Hello All

So I finally managed to pick up the British BL 5.5 guns! Since they stopped producing the box set I've only seen it on eBay, hoping to snipe a bargin at the end. I finally did!
The model itself I would say is showing it's age, the barrels were slightly miscast, a lot of flash and the crew just looked a little off in a way it couldn't put my finger on!

Anyways I painted these guys up in my ongoing colour schemes of Russian uniform equipment and British uniform for the uniforms. The painting was pretty easy, I tried to find info if these big guns had allied stars on them, but it seems they rarely did.
In game terms I've not yet used them - and they are pricy points wise! I think they're most likely going to appear as a pair to combine with 4 25pdrs. That way I have a decent double wide template with AT5 FP4+, sadly I then have to deploy both, and in defensive missions I'm looking exposed in other areas.
Well I hope you enjoy them, and I'll keep you updated on how they perform!

Thanks for reading



  1. Do you want a map for that table?

  2. They are probably standing around waiting for tea to be served. :D

    They look really good, are they basically 155mm?

  3. Very impressive, great job!

  4. I've been trying to snipe that boxed set for a while, but it always goes well beyond my price limit.

    I like their direct fire stats, though the lack of the shield thing that the 25pdr has hurts their survivability.

    Good stuff as ever sir.

  5. They are hard to get, but great to own! I find digging them in aids survivability

  6. Nearly (in game terms/stats) as my 8x 152mm ML20s. :)

  7. there are two of your crew who should be holding the shell instead of two empty handed guys who seem to be leaning over for no reason