Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tale of Two Winter Gamers - Month Two - 101st Airbourne

Hello All

Welcome to my second months post for Tale of Two Winter Gamer. For my first month I just a platoon of Infantry pianted, so for the second month I need to paint up some HQ's for my company as part of my and Adam's targets. For this I picked up the Easy Company Heroes so I added Speirs and Lipton to the list. I love the set, they really got the character of the guys from the TV series down to a tea.

Next up I wanted a little change so next up on my list was so Glider Artillery. I think these are a great little unit, you get a nice points break as the direct fire option isn't great, but I don't think you can complain about 115pts for 3 guns with a good firepower and smoke.

After these two platoons I focused on the 2nd Paratrooper platoons. I decided to use the metal US Paratroopers instead of the plastic models for this platoon and I think it was a better choice. While the metal models are a lot smaller they did suit my painting style a lot better than the plastic ones did, in my option I think the detail of stands out a lot better than it did with the plastic paras.

Overall I'm happy with how they turned out and thankfully they don't looking to out of pace compared to the first platoon I painter.

For the terrain I snowed up some Battlefront rural roads. They still need a second lot of snow flack on them but I ran out of the flock.... I'm burning through the stuff.

Well thats it for month two, my plans for the third month is a LMG platoon, some recon Jeeps and a second Glider Artillery platoon.

So until next time, thanks for reading.



  1. Nice work as always! Not a huge fan of the glider arty, but it's hard to complain aboout them for the points cost.

    Are you using spare figures from the infantry platoon blisters for your lmg platoon?

    1. Thanks Vladdd.

      I think a single platoon of 3 Glider artillery is a little rubbish for anything other than smoke. But either 6 or two batteries of 3 gives you either a very good bombardment (options for double width, re-roll misses or 2 single bombardments) or two lots of smoke. The options are really good. And the points cost is pretty nice.

      The LMG platoon has been built with a mix of the Winter LMGs and some normal Para LMGs. They are almost finished, I will hopefully post them up within the next week.

      Thanks Ben

  2. Nice force you've built up there. I love the arty battery. Keeps with the theme I think. Smoke is usually what I use them most for.

    1. Thanks Khairul.

      Theme really seems to be what drives me with this army.

  3. I thing the roads look aces with the amount of flock you have right now.