Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions... Oh My!

Hello All

Firstly Happy New Year to you all, may 2013 be a great year. So a new year means it's time for new year resolutions! Lets see how well we do (being wargamers I bet we don't do well.....). 

Me (aka Ben)

So my goals this year are simple, keep focused and lets try and now waste money on models I will never use or paint! So here is my list:-
  • Paint at least one platoon for my US army a month.
  • Finish TOTWG challenge with Adam and get a Battle of the Bugle campaign started.
  • Go to at least 5 FOW tournaments/events this year
  • Play 52 games of FOW this year
  • Not to start any new FOW armies.
  • And the big one... I will only buy models for one new game system this year.

Winner Dave (aka Coopers)
  • Paint a platoon a month
  • On the gaming front I aim to play at least 3 times a month.
  • Create snow gaming board (Have drawn plans for it)
  • Attend a tournament
  • Complete a brand new tank company (haven't decided nationality yet)
  • Play someone I've never played before.
  • Beat Adam

Adam (aka Doctor Cox)

  • Finish my ToWG army and start and finish a campaign with Ben
  • Paint at least one axis unit a month, with the aim by the end of 2013 to have axis forces for infantry, mech and armour 
  • Update my allied forces, the first of these will be my Para list
  • Play more tournaments - really enjoyed my first one.
  • Beat Dave so hard he rage-quits and takes up Dystopian Wars
Well thanks for reading and until next time



  1. Great lists guys. All the best for 2013

  2. Happy 2013 and may all your projects come true!