Monday, 14 January 2013

Sd kfz 251/21 - Triple 15mm, review and painting

DrCox here

I thought instead of just showing off some of my painting I thought I'd have a look at this little model.
the pieces
the instructions
It's been one of those models which I though just looked 'cool' when 'Blood, Guts and Glory' came out. And when I started working out my LW German lists, it seemed a good choice to include this unit, so with my ToWG list done I ordered 3 from Triple Helix. The components are as you see them, there was one which had a lot of flash on the metal, and 2 of the 3 had quite bad casting on the side of the main gun, but a bit of green stuff and a file helped. 
Green stuff ahoy!
The instructions themselves were nice and clear, and the model fitted together well with no trimming or bodging to get things to fit.
Once I'd assembled it, it got a Black primer before a German armour spray over the top. From there I did the camo as per my other vehicles, before picking out the details and applying the decals.

Hope you like the finished result

Thanks DrCox

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  1. Love these! Your whole 25th PG force is looking great DrCox