Sunday, 20 January 2013

Panzergrenadierkompanie - Heavy platoon

Hi everyone

Dr Cox here with another platoon, this time it's the Heavy platoon for my Panzergrenadiers.

In many ways I view this as the most useful platoon in the army, it gives the infantry platoons more firepower (and bases) and the mortars can smoke to cover my advance. Painting these guys was not fun for some reason, whether it was the fact they were the 4th infantry platoon in a row I'd painted I don't know, but either way, I was less then enthusiastic about painting them.

On the other hand I like the finished results, the men look nice, and the vehicles look well used. I opted to go for a different vehicle for these guys, as a) there were no lorries in my LGS, and b) I like the Maultier model.
Anyway I hope you like them, till next time

Dr Cox


  1. I'm trying to not get too excited with your winter themed bases and terrain: I have far too much lead/resin/plastic to paint as it stands.

    Great job on the infantry, now treat yourself with some armour to break the monotony of loads of wee dudes!

  2. Keep us informed how they do on the tabletop - I am always keen to hear of panzergrenadier exploits!