Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Canadian Armoured Recce vs Fallschirmjagers – Free For All

Hello DrCox here

So another Saturday evening, and another titanic fight between myself and Winner Dave. I felt like returning to my Canadian’s and more importantly trying something new, for this I decided to try the new Armoured recce, they looked an interesting beast to tackle, with the potential to be very very hard to hit!

So we played 1750pts and our lists were:-

DrCox's Canadian Recce
Hq – 2 Shermans
Combat platoon – 2 shermans, 2 fireflies
Combat platoon – 2 shermans, 2 fireflies
Recon – 2 Stuarts
Rifle Platoon
AA – 2 bofors SP
4 Sextons

Winner's Fallschirmjagers
VDH and 4 traps
HQ 3 Schreks, 2 mortars
FJ platoon with Fausts
FJ platoon with Fausts
1 HMG sections (combat attached to FJ platoons)
Heavy Mortars (2 sections)
Scout platoon (2 sections)
4 Pak 40’s
The field of battle

objective on my right
objective on my left
dave's objective on his left
dave's objective on his right
So having rolled mission, I choose the long edge with the hill to deploy on, I kept my Stuarts in the middle, Sextons on the hill, Bofors protecting my left objective, rifle platoon on my right objective, and one Sherman platoon with 2IC on right flank, and the other Sherman platoon and Company Commander in the middle.
deployed shermans

 Dave deployed his two FJ platoons with their HMG’s across an objective each, his PAK’s in the middle, scouts on his right flank, and both sets of mortars on the left flank.
FJ's on defence
Prior to turn one my Stuarts moved between the two Sherman platoons – I don’t like those trap teams.

On turn one, the two Sherman platoons moved up, I decided to get them into range for eye’s and ears and mistakenly thought they’d be GtG (dave only reminded me when we went to buy beer at the end of this turn!) meanwhile the AA moved up on my left flank as did the observer Sherman. My shooting was entirely ineffective

Who has the worst luck me failing my saves, or dave failing the firepower?
dead observer
In dave’s turn he hit three shermans I’d left to close together but due to his bad dice rolling they were only bailed. He revealed 2 trap teams, one failed miserably against a firefly, whilst the other wasted my observer Sherman – at least only 2 more to surprise me!
bofors hit the trap team
I spent the next couple of turns moving my shermans up my right flank, lifting GtG with the Stuarts and whittling down the mortars. Dave in an attempt to stop me redeploying my other Sherman platoon over there, moved up his FJ platoon and scouts on my left flank, forcing my shermans to move that way, bogging a lot it seemed. Meanwhile the bofors hit some infantry including taking out the trap teams.
Dave smoking me
Dave continued to frustrate my shermans plans to sit back and shoot by smoking them forcing them to move, gradually though due to their advance he was forced to move his Pak 40’s to respond, in the meantime his FJ platoon on my left had got bogged down in the woods. 
FJ moving forward
Dave was getting frustrated with his inability to destroy my shermans and moved his FJ platoon on the right to try and attack my shermans, but also my IC and a stuart. Sadly the Sherman and stuart managed to pin the platoon with their shots all hitting!
Shermans advancing
Redeploying Pak's
On the left side my Bofors destroyed Dave’s scout platoon, whilst the shermans used their MG’s to take down the FJ now in the open. Dave did manage to pick off a couple of bogged shermans though.
After Dave learnt how to smoke he kept doing it!
With the ongoing fire from the Shermans eventually the FJ platoon on the right fled, with that the Stuarts whipped round the back and took out a bogged down Pak40 whilst the Shermans picked off another and the Company Commander.
Dave attempts to charge some shermans
A stuart and a sherman hold back an FJ charge
Despite trying to move the other FJ platoon back, the stuarts hit the mortars in the backfield, avoiding the other PAK’s shooting at them. 
Shooting Dave's FJ in the open
Without being dug in Dave's FJ vanished

Mortar fire on my left flank kept dave pinned
Me clearing the left flank
With VDH holding the objective on his own and Stuarts behind him sherman’s in front, Dave winnered out…
VDH on his own!
I enjoyed the Canadian recce, it’s hard to hit, and has lots of firepower. I think that if I get round to properly redoing the list I’ll possibly drop the sextons for a land matress, and maybe the bofors for more stuarts, but a list I like a lot!
The winning shot!
 Well hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading

Dr Cox


  1. Good show there, love the thing that the trap teams are something you don't like :) The Scout platoon is something new... Keep these reports rolling, I really enjoy reading them and Dave get some Stugs/Stuhs?

    1. I've got em baby, I just decided to leave them at home for this game.

  2. Very nice AAR and pictures!

    1. Thanks! We try to make them interesting

  3. Echoing others here. Very nice...I really need to start a WWII Blog for my FOW stuff, and parallel it with the Cold War stuff.

    Nice to see some Canadian Love.

    1. Bloging is surprisingly fun! I would recommend it to most hobbiests.

      What do you use for Cold War gsming/modeling? Me and Dr Cox have an ongoing idea about doing an operation unthinkable campaign set in 1945/46 using FOW. Partly as a reason for Soviet vs Allied games, but also I'd like a crack at writing a few briefings based on armoured forces at that time.

  4. Nice looking battle. Looks like great fun.

    1. It was, the new Canadians are great to play

  5. Great report. Keep it up.

  6. Replies
    1. The tetrach is a great little tank!