Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tale of Two Winter Gamers - Month One - 25th Panzergrenadierkompanie

Hello All

So month one of The Tale of Two Winter Gamers, so how has the first month gone?

The objectives were the 1 and 2 ic the first combat platoon, and for my scenery piece I went for some winter woods.

The infantry themselves were very nice and easy to assemble, I by and large like the new plastic minis from open fire, but there are some odd places (on the backs where the packs and pouches are very deep), and the faces seem to have cheekbones similar to David Coultards, but otherwise the details are nice and crisp.

The only criticism I would say is that some of the ends of the guns have snapped - i don't think it's my rough handling and it is a little annoying.

For the Panzerfausts I used a mix, some of them were plastic from the 'Open fire' Box others were from battlefront - and I think the odd one may have even been from Peter Pig. All in all they work well, though there are relatively few designs to choose from.

Painting them was a pleasure, and basing them I think worked well, though adding the white paint into the flock/PVA mix worked far better than doing it underneath the flock!

Once I did the pics, Ben pointed out my historical inaccuracies, so since these photos all my Fausts have now changed to a yellow colour.

 The vehicles were based the same way, and I used this Kapiti FoW Gamer as a basis for painting the vehicles which I found a really good way to do it - especially as i don't have an air brush - but overall I was really pleased with the results.

As for my terrain, The woods were basically the same process as my ones in this tutorial. The main difference was getting the trees to look like they had been snowed on. To achieve this I dusted them gently from above with some white spray, if you do this you need to make sure the trees are not touching as that led to some weird sticking branches in one case. I've also not flocked them - that's mainly to stop the flock shedding on the floor!

Well I hope you enjoy the work, I hope to have another couple of units posted up later as well.


  1. Fantastic work, those Open Fire figures do look good!

  2. Those look swell. Would make me think twice about off loading my Open Fire Nazi's if I didn't have so many Brits to paint right now. :)

  3. Your vehicles look good and the link to the camo was a good read as well. Battlefront new painting video for the Stug also have a nice quick tutorial for doing german camo with a brush but I'm sure you've already seen it.

    1. i saw it, but by that time i'd already started trying this technique, maybe for variation i may try it on other miniatures

  4. Winter panzergrenadiers, I couldn't approve more! Well done sir.