Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Look Back Over 2012

Hello All

We are at the end of 2012, so it's that time of year to have a look back over the year before looking at 2013.

Hobby Stuff

I did love painting this army but it now lives in another
country thanks to Ebay.
I'm really looking forward to getting Market Garden and
getting a few games in with the 11th Armoured
I had a busy year and a year that changed my hobby life. It is the first year in many many years were I didn't play a single game of Warhammer 40k! In fact I have sold all my GW products bar a few Blood Bowl Teams. 2012 was the year GW games all but disappeared from my life and Flames of War become the top dog in my hobby life, and to that end I ended up painting a lot of armies! You had my DAK, Hungarians, Irish Guards, 11th Armoured and the start of my US forces. I can't remember a time I have painted so much and enjoyed it to boot. Hopefully 2013 will be as productive if not more so.

Gaming wise I achieve my goal of playing 52 games on 52 weeks was achieved just, I play game number 52 on Wednesday. For me the highlight of 2012 had to be WWPD's Operation Sealion campaign. It really got all us into FOW in a big way, with a reason to play lots of games and for me a chance to write up a little background story for my Hungarians, I would say if it hadn't be for Sealion I dare say we would probably not be as into FOW as we are now.

My only real regret of 2012 from a gaming point of view was not getting to any FOW events bar the tournament I ran in November, this is something I will be changing next year with Brighton and Corrivary already booked in.

Personal Stuff

This has been a busy year for me. 2012 was my first full year as a dad, as I write this my 13 month old baby (well toddler, she doesn't really look like a baby anymore) is asleep, which is the only reason I have any time to write this! But thanks to careful planning and a relaxed wife I have still found a fair amount of time to paint and game, but any time I have lost is worth it.

September was the maddest month of my life! Cat started a new job in Bournemouth, we moved house twice, had a stag weekend and I got married to my long term partner Cat (we had been together for 10 years so about time really!), oh and had a weekend away in Cornwall where I mostly slept!

I also set myself the goal of losing some weight, (I had stopped playing rugby and having a pregnant girlfriend with lots of food around and then having a baby does seem to make you gain a bit of weight), anyway I started at a nearly 17 stone, but by my wedding in September I was down in 12 stone 7 pounds. I have since balanced out t 13 stone flat which I'm happy with.

Looking forward to 2013

My hobby plans for 2013 are to continue with my US armies, I'm looking at being able to run 4 or 5 lists from the Bugles books by the end of next year. I want to revise my British Armoured armies with the new Market Garden books. I also have an eye on doing some Germans but we'll see were that leads me.

2012 was a great year for Flames of War gaming for me, but I hope 2013 will be even better. I have already bought tickets to two tournaments in January and February and I have an eye on 2 or 3 other tournaments later in the year. So keep an eye out for tournament after action reports through out the year.

As always thanks for reading



  1. That little blonde angel is without doubt your best achievement! Happy 2013 and looking forward to continue reading your blog

    1. You wouldn't call her an angel if it was your DVD collection that has taken a battering! But thank you she is really a great achievement.

  2. Congrats on your first child and your marriage man :). Am happy to know that you you were still able to get so much hobbying done.

    Glad you got into FoW big time this year :). 2013 looks to be another great year for FoW fans from the release on their site.

    Cheers Ben. A happy new year to you and family.

    1. Thanks Khairul.

      Yes 2013 does look like a good year. Me, Adam and Dave have started talking about Market Garden and D-Day plans for the book releases. I'm also looking forward to the Winter War book coming out as Fins are my favourite army.

  3. The sculpting on the cheeks is especially nice.

    1. LOL, I was quite happy with the realistic paint job to ;-)

  4. Hats off to managing to get so much done with so little time. I know my hobby has seen brighter days and now she doesn't even nap everyday so it dwindles a little more, but soon I will have tiny hands for tiny tasks.

    1. I'm lucky that she now sleeps for 2 hours during the day, but I find I have to be organised to keep on top of my painting.

  5. Hard to disagree with Anibal's comments there, but some other impressive things there too (plus don't forget your Blood Bowl "Speedball" tournament in June!)

    I'm just starting my foray into 15mm WW2 and if I am half as productive as you I'll be a very happy boy!

    1. I hadn't thought about Blood Bowl much if I'm honest. I'll have to get back into it at some point in 2013.