Friday, 14 December 2012

Easy Company Heroes

Hello All

A few weeks ago I picked up a blister of the new Easy Company Heroes to go with my 101st Airborne Company I'm currently collecting. I'd quickly like to say I love the set, they really got the character of the guys from the TV series down to a tea. I have only got the HQ painted up so far but expect to see the rest of the Taccoo Sergeants as more squads get painted up.

Winters and Nixon, love the fact that Nixon is drinking!

Spiers, running of course! I like this model but part of me wishes they had gone for him jumping through an explosion as he does on the way to taking over Easy Company in the Foy episode.

Lipton. Not much to say on this model.

Overall a great set. Even if I wasn't doing Easy Company I would probably pick up the set to add some nice characters and individual models to a company of Paras.

As always thanks for looking and until next time.



  1. Nice job , good to see our screen (and historical) heroes in miniatures.
    Whats the silver thing in the last picture?

  2. Looks like a radio pack to me.

    These are pretty cool indeed.

  3. Yes it's a radio pack, I was meaning to paint it green, but forgot.... I'll have to re paint that.