Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Very Chaffee Christmas

Hello All

So yesterday was a little know event called Christmas. Well I was lucky enough to have my friends club together and buy me a Cavalry Group army deal that Battlefront released earlier this month!

In a slightly childish manner I ripped off the outer packaging to see the toys inside. The box is chock a block with models, so I dare say the early part of next year will be heavily involved with painting tanks. The set really seemed great value and I think I may look into picking up the US Tank Company Army Box.

Well I hope you all had a nice Christmas and got lots of nice toys yourself.

Thanks for reading and until next time,



  1. Great present to get. I'd have hoped the dice/tokens would have came in a tin though. Looking forward to seeing your Chaffees in action.

  2. I helped bring you those chafee's I might as well help blow them up too!

  3. @Vladdd - I hadn't even thought about a Tin for the dice. I had planned on the dice replacing my 29th Division dice in their tin as when I bought the set I didn't think they would be so so blue. And yes it was a great present.

    @DrCox - Well I dare say you'll try to blow them up, you can't kill what you want see!

    @Coops - Sorry ;-)

  4. Whoa, nice set of tanks - you'll be busy for a while there, putting that little lot together!
    All the best for 2013!