Thursday, 27 December 2012

Fallschirmjäger Heavy Mortars

Good afternoon and Happy Christmas to you all,

I've finally finished my platoon of heavy mortars, which I started painting almost straight after the Breakthrough Assault tournament.  They had arrived the day before the tournament and I got a chance to use them in anger against Adam a couple of days ago.

I airbrushed the mortars themselves, the crewmen were finished off using my new brush. 
Every time I paint I find I try a new technique/paint scheme, so my armies never look fully coordinated but I don't mind too much.  One thing I am really keen on is improving every time I paint, to that end any comments on how I could make the next batch (Pak 40s) look better is appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Christmas again...


  1. Looking great mate, the bases really make them look so great IMHO

  2. Fantastic looking figures, the bases are wonderful!

  3. You truly have out done yourself Dave.