Friday, 21 December 2012

StuG life

So I've been a little quiet on the painting front, but I've finally managed to finish a unit this month.

These are my StuG's from the Open fire box set, I have to say that they were a real joy to put together, required very little trimming and filing during the process and after an accidental drop on the way to spray them - they hold together quite well too.

Now there's 6 of us and the chance's are one of us will fail a bogging test
Yeah boss, I'm bogged
As for painting them I followed the same technique as I did for my trucks in my tale of winter gamers. I have to say that I found it easier and think it looks even better on the StuG's than it did on the trucks

rolling through a winter wonderland

I do think that painting Camo without an airbrush seems to get a bad press, but I find it aesthetically pleasing so frankly I'm pretty happy with them. I hadn't used decals on my allied army (except my Typhoons) thankfully Battlefronts explanation of what the numbers meant led to some kind of organisation for these guys.

2nd company, 3rd platoon, 3rd tank - I think
 As for in the game, well I've faced Stug's a lot, and I quite like the StuG battery list personally. I always had the opinion that the StuG's main strength was being a threat alongside the bigger cat's. So whilst the heavy 17 pounders etc were trying to pick them off the Stug's could get close and hit other units.

does that tree look big to you?
Tank Teams
NameMobilityFrontSideTopEquipment and Notes
  Weapon RangeROFAnti-tankFirepower
StuG G or StuG IVStandard Tank731Hull MG, Protected ammo, Schürzen.
  7.5cm StuK40 gun32"/80cm2113+Hull mounted.

More recently though I've found the real problem is that they tempt my 6 Pounders to fire thus losing gone to ground - evil Stug's I hope to learn to use them well.

Anyway hope you enjoy,

Thanks Dr Cox


  1. Love the StuG and those are very nicely painted.

  2. Santa is right around the corner in his Stug life sled. I think brushed on camo looks good, and if you are in practice feathering the edges doesn't add too much time if you want the softer line look. I usually just use an airbrush for speed reasons. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. I've tried feathering the edges and I think I need a bit more practice, but thanks guys for the comments - helps with motivation