Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winner Dave's DShk Trucks

Hey Guys

These guys represent the culmination of my Desperate Measures Tankovy list, which I started at the beginning of this year for the Corrivalry tournament.  Yes, it really does take me this long to paint an army.
I promise there's a driver in there, which I painted up really nicely, but you can't seem him...he could be all flat brown for anyone will ever know...sigh :)

The guns are portee, so you can dismount them at any time.  I've left these till last as I painted the dismounted variant a while ago so there was no rush for them.
I've not used the mounted variety in game before, however I know I let them get killed way too often way too easily.  They are an easy VP for my opponent so I have to be more careful.  I'm not 100% sure if they suffer Hen and Chicks or not.  I've chatted it through with Ben and Hammy rules as written it appears they do.  TBH that just feels wrong but I can't dispute it...the AA gun is a machine gun, but it doesn't follow standard mg rules i.e. it's rof 4 not 3.  That's a pain in the bum for sure, so in a way it's more effective using them dismounted as they are just as survivable with a 5+ save or more survivable with 3+ if gtg.

I enjoyed painting the trucks though, they are a cool looking model and I'm sure will see the light of day should I need to move my AA guns from A to B.

Thanks for looking...that's all my Soviet stuff painted and that feels great (until I buy more of course)


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