Tuesday, 16 December 2014

German Greatcoat Infantry (GE862) - Review

Hi folks, Matt here.

I wanted share with you all my latest painting project (early war German infantry - Barbarossa style!) that I'm working on for a certain upcoming tournament in January and thought, whilst I'm at it why not do a little review on the all new German Greatcoats (GE862) at the same time!? Two birds, one stone and all that jazz!
Do not be fooled by the Late war symbol being shown on the packaging... These models are all for early war (along with the rest of the German greatcoat range). I have since ordered another 'infantrie platoon' and the rest of the options to build my 1550 points army for next year. For reviewing purposes I shall stick to focusing on the contents inside of the infantry blister GE862.

So almost immediately after its arrival in the post I began tearing away the blister pack LIKE an over excited kid opening an early Xmas present. I then got to cleaning up the new toys and base coating them with my new 'field grey' primer (thanks PSC!)

So what do you get in the box? Well there are enough figures in here to build 8 infantry rifle teams and plenty of machine guns to upgrade them to MG teams (as opposed to rifle mg teams) if required. Also included are the options to build a platoon command team, mortar, AT rifle and two HQ command teams. Don't forget the panzerknackers - you get 3 of those as well!
There is a definite increase in quality from the last Battlefront resin infantry that I painted (mid war grenadiers) a few weeks ago - These guys are so much fun to paint! I found that I could easily recognise the smaller details in comparison, such as the gun straps, belt buckles, bread bags etc therefore I enjoyed spending a little more time than usual picking out these extra details and I'm really happy with the results. Shame about my poor camera work!

I decided that I wanted to use these guys to build a Schutzen company, so I went for 6 MG teams and so that leaves me some spare infantry for second platoon and/or spotter rifle teams should I need them!

In summary these figures are great quality, with all the basic options included (ie mortar team, AT rifle) which saves making more purchases just to complete the platoon. Most importantly for me was how fun they were to paint - I'm definitely glad I got these instead of the older BF early war infantry. It would be nice however to have a little more variation on the machine gun poses as it can look a little samey when you want an MG on each base, using only two poses. Looking forward to seeing how the mortar platoon and HMGs shape up in the very near future!

Well thanks guys and gals it's been fun! I shall put another post up once I have completed the company in a few weeks time.

Happy painting and Merry Xmas!

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