Thursday, 11 December 2014

New Beginnings Part Two - Man Cave Completion

After a very busy couple of weeks I have finally completed my new gaming room (see part one here) I'm sure there will be one or two finishing touches I'd like to add eventually such as posters and more shelves for display/ storage purposes but for now I am well pleased! :D

This is great. I finally have my own space for models and gaming with no more teeth marks and dribble stains on my tanks (courtesy of the little monster) thank goodness!
Uh-oh... Thank gosh these days are over. Poor Wespey!

I have to say I was proud of my DIY skills here. In the past I have proven to be quite terrible with this sort of thing and normally have absolutely zero patience when it goes even slightly wrong. But there I was; drilling out plug sockets, cutting & raising floorboards, aligning wires, fitting lights and building awesome desks. Who would have thought it?! It's amazing what a little incentive can do! Only issue is that now I have demonstrated my new 'skills' the wife expects a lot more of the same throughout the rest of the house - no more paying someone else to do it... Sigh
                            "Is it my lunch break yet??"
                            Need more FOW books...
               Mount lead is growing out of control.
Well thanks for reading this post, it's been really fun designing and working on the room and I hope you've enjoyed following my project here. As mentioned the walls are quite bare so any suggestions on posters/pictures are very much appreciated and again if any of you guys live near Maidstone, Kent (or simply fancy being a bit crazy and travelling halfway across the country for a FOW game) then don't be strangers - you know where to find me!

All the best


  1. Very nice, you've done a great job. Propaganda posters, maps, flags or movie posters are all excellent things to decorate the walls of a gaming room. I'd probably avoid anything with dogs playing poker though!

  2. Nicely done - a few framed military prints might be a nice addition

  3. Where did you get the lamps from?

  4. Marvelous man cave. Great place to escape and enjoy yourself. You did a top job.

  5. Looks very nice! Extra satisfying that you did it yourself. Does it have a purpose when you are not gaming or is it exclusively for gaming?

  6. Thanks guys

    I have ordered some posters including a great propaganda one.

    Dave I found the lamps on Amazon. I shall look through my order history and ping you a link!

    Cameron. The room is going to be used for all things arty farty... The wife and no doubt, daughter will have projects/hobbies they can get on with in there. They would have to obtain a guest pass first though!

  7. And I'm all out of guest passes! :p