Monday, 15 December 2014

M48A3 Patton (VUSBX05)

Hi All

Continuing with my Vietnam US army I have added a couple of Patton Tanks and man these bad boys are massive!
These are the last models I needed to do, bar the two infantry platoons (which Matt is painting up for me) for my first US infantry list. So once I get them back off Matt expect a few Nam AAR's as I bought a fully painted North Vietnamese army a few months ago.
The models themselves were quite easy to paint up, I did have a little trouble with the cupolas as when you remove the tab it doesn't leave a clean finish. I did try and sovle this with a bit of filling and hide it the best I could but I do hope at some point if they revisit the model they look at it again.
I was worried about adding the decals as the gun barrel markings are a lot longer than they need to be, but they went on surprisingly easily. I also tried to add the claws and the tiger mouth but I ripped both sets trying to bend them around the mud guards. While this is annoying (and completely my own fault!), it does give me a reason to buy more Pattons!
I'm not sure how good these will be in the game, but on paper they look pretty invincible, with top armour 2, front armour 12 and Beehive ammo. However, considering how mobile FoW Vietnam seems to be I dare say keeping the flanks clear of enemy troops will be a lot harder than in normal FoW. I guess it's something we'll test out once we get a few games in.

Thanks for looking and until next time



  1. Nice tanks! If you think those are big, try a Centurion from the Australian Army list on for size!

    I went for a much muddier 'in the field' look with my M48s: