Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Westfalen Reinforcements

Hi all another little painting update, 

I've been interspersing my Finns with the odd German unit, and today I have a trio of units all linked to Westfalen - I really like the list and feel there is this opportunity in there to have a really enjoyable and interesting list. As such I've painted up a few options.

Trap teams
Like the FJ's in bridge by bridge the Westfalen have trap teams, the problem is these guys are trained so assaulting with them is distinctly less appealing
To make these guys I bought a tank hunter blister and also recovered 4 winter volksgrenadiers from the 'unused lead pile' - trying to paint them as I did the volksgrenadiers was very hard as my style has changed in that time. I however followed my old instructions and they fit in with the army. 
King tigers
I will admit these were a pleasure to paint! I painted them as I painted the ostwinds and 234/4's - I also did some sponge chipping before weathering them with PSC products. I went stowage mad on one, whilst placing tank riders on the other (in winter camo to fit the rest of the army) - I really love how little bits like this really bring the unit alive.

Panzer 3's
Finally these little beauties - they're PSC - it's been some time since I've bought from them - last time it was churchills - I'm impressed, their quality looks and feels so much better than the shermans I purchased from them so long ago, and whilst I'm not as keen as I am on Battlefronts T-34's they are better value for money I think.
For painting these guys I decided to try out Mig's chipping fluid, and vallejo's airbrush washes - honestly I was happy with the chipping fluid but the wash was not quite so good, that's not to say it's not a good product - I just didn't use it well! The other interesting thing though was that I discovered how to do some two tone chipping in places. As I applied the PSC weathering washes I had to be careful removing them, as despite sealing with varnish, I continued to 'chip' the paint, but instead of the grey-green base it was the desert-tan colour - giving a couple of excellent two tone chips!
Semovente 105/25
Ok these aren't for Westfalen, but another little unit I worked on, I picked these up at the welsh open, they are one of those units I really like, breakthrough guns and a half decent front armour. They're a poor StuH42, but still very effective - I think if you link these up with the flammpanzer you have a very effective anti-infantry German tank force.

Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Anyway I hope


  1. Wow, that is a lot of painting you finished! It is cool to see you are trying lots of new techniques. Late-late war German stuff is awesome for that.

    I especially like the King Tiger with the white tank riders. It really ties them in to the other units and adds some visual interest to the model. Good work!

  2. Looking great! The Westfalen are a cool list, looking forward to seeing how you get on with them.

  3. Thanks guys - I'm really enjoying my airbrush it seems