Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Great War German A7V (GGBX01)

Hello all,

After a bit of a break to round out my US Armored Rifles I'm back with more Great War models! This time up the A7V (GGBX01) tanks. 
The first thing that surprised me was the size of them, they are massive! It does make sense for something that had a 18 man crew, but still it dwarfs a Pershing!
The model itself is very nice, the detail is at the level you'd expect from battlefront, there was next to no model lines and it was really easy to put together.
I'm happy with how the paint job came out even if I had originally meant to do them on the three tone camo scheme, but a mix up between myself and Adam meant they were sprayed the wrong scheme. Not having the time or equipment to do it myself I decided to spray them grey. I do think they are slightly too dark but I'm happy with them.

I have almost finished the HMG platoon and just have the HQ and second rifle platoon to go.

Thanks for looking



  1. They look good. They are such a funny looking vehicle.

  2. Looks great! Not too dark, I reckon.

  3. Thanks guys, I was going to try a few new techniques on these, but with the spray mess up and winners advice "Ben you have a style that works, stick with it". I got the most out of them.


  4. WHAT. Even at that size how did they fit 18 guys in there? Alas even at that size, the Pershing could destroy it without even using its main gun :(

    Nice retro style model :)