Monday, 22 September 2014

New Projects Indian Recce Squadron

Hi everyone!

This blog article is by Jersey James and is partly about a new project, partly about tactics and how I've developed playing Flames of War since I actually started rolling dice for it at the beginning of 2014.

So... more Italians? I hear some of you familiar with my submissions ask... well, late war RSI stuff is on order and on my paint station as always but this new project is slow burn and focused on the new Indian Recce PDF that Battlefront updated in August this year (2014)!
1iC Humber IV marked with two crew.
My early, mid and late war Italians are all infantry... so are my PAVN and some SS that found their way into my home and so I've wanted to do a mech / tank list for a while.

My first platoon of armoured cars, command vehicle with crew
I've only played 20 games of Flames of War so far. Most were at tournaments (which were awesome) and the rest against locals in the Bournemouth / Southampton area and for the most part whilst I was defending I have been a very aggressive player. On the few occasions I have attacked though its gone wrong. All my tactical thought so far has been about defending well with my Italians and when i've borrowed tanks or in a recent game attacked with infantry my choices haven't been good enough.
Platoon number two. These are marked at the back of the bases for when i want PIATS
This means I need practice at both attacking and using different armies to progress and after reading the original Indian Recce Squadren PDF I knew this one would be for me. Given a few adjustments I could field it as infantry from Road to Rome too, so the models will be versatile for me.
All the models so far and compulsory platoons finished! 
One of the things that drew me to the list is the models. I wanted to paint Humber Armoured Cars and Carriers. In this list you don't need too many platoons of cars either so you're free to pick infantry, armour or guns in support and there is decent air support too. The updated PDF also includes a few more units for alot of versatility including mortars, heavy armoured cars and a bigger mechanised Indian Assault Platoon.
Even though they're the core platoons for the list and add quite a bit of
firepower... these are more likely to be in reserve!
Over the last few weeks I've been working on the first five Humber IV cars at work on breaks and have enjoyed painting them along with the carriers too... next... Shermans but i can't decide between 8th Army or American allies???
Layering up paints with edge highlights seems to work, i'm pleased with them.
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  1. They are indeed nice looking vehicles and you painted them really well. Is that a Light Mud base for you to add the Blue-Black camo pattern for the Sicily/Italian campaigns?

  2. Looking good. I'm doing the same list. What else are you taking?

    I like the Churchills. In terrain and used effectively, they can stop another medium tank in their tracks.