Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Great War German Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon (GGE704)

Hello all

The next date on my Great War German project. The Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon (GGE704) is done and now the army deal is on the last leg.
The HMG's are what you'd expect, three man teams and a the gun. They are sculpted well and look a but more dynamic than what you normally use too.
Not much more go say about these guys, really other than I'm happy with how they turned out. I'll be interested to see how much they are used as the HMG bunker rule seems a very good so I can see them not seeing any defense game time.
The HQ platoon is all but done now so just the second rifle platoon and I'm really to start playing winner.
Thanks and until next time



  1. Really impressive, love your work on the bases...

  2. Awesome. Looks real good.