Monday, 10 March 2014

Project Finland

Hi all,

I'm back with the start of my next project. 

As I mentioned in the aims for the new year I wanted to do an EW army, but as I continuously harp on about, I love versatility I'd also like an army which could do MW or LW too.
The other aim for this year for me was to do a 'minor' nation, something different to the Brits or Germans. It is for the above reasons I've gone to Finland, you get a force whose models can at across all three periods in a lot of cases, and are a minor nation. They also can be fearless vets, and with the para's having not seen action much, I'm up for a new Fearless Veteran army.
On the downside I'm going winter again... I may have stated in a Steve Redgrave way 'if anyone see's me paint a winter army again they have my permission to shoot me' - I rescind this offer - sorry Alex.

So what's the plan then? Well firstly I need BF to release the rest of their winter Finn blisters....

Secondly what do I have already?

Well thanks to Christmas I have two rifle platoons ( + HQ) I also have 2 blisters of tank hunters/ pioneers and mortars, HMG's and a plane. I also have some non winter Finn Artillery. Not a bad starting force.

Now I don't want to buy 3 different anti tank crews for three different anti tank guns - same for artillery so I'll hopefully magnetise the guns and bases to be interchangeable. Also as I have an airbrush, I think I'll avoid winter tanks and do some cool 3 colour camo! Just need to get the colours right!

Anyway that's the plan, as always it'll snowball out of control! But hopefully you'll enjoy the ride!


  1. I'll wait to see some finished pics of your Finns. And as a Finnish guy I'm always interrested on how people paint/convert and play Finns in Flames of War.

    1. I'll try not to disappoint! Though I do feel the pressure rising now, lol.

  2. So that's why you wanted those paints :-)

    Good luck!