Monday, 31 March 2014

Finnish: Mortar Platoon (Winter) and Fokker CX

Hi Back again with an update for my Finn's.

This time I've brought you two units which were both relatively quick to paint, but I think both have an integral role in my EW army.

The first of these is the Mortar Platoon, I personally always take a platoon of mortars when playing infantry. On offense they help with smoke and pinning, and on defense they're great for slowing attacks, or smoking units which the anti tank guns/artillery have tried (and usually failed) to damage.
I painted these the same way as my first infantry platoon. The only major difference were the mortars themselves, they were painted with Russian uniform and the then i washed them with Agrax Earthshade, before using some of PSC weathering washes on them for some dirty bases and smoky tops - though I think the effect is lost.
The sculpts themselves are good, but i'm finding that trying to get the loader and the firing miniature lined up in a way that looks 'cinematic' is difficult in the bases with pre done holes.
The next unit is my cheeky little Fokker... Those of you with Eagle eyes will notice I have no struts at the end of the wings. When assembling this I was thinking of using my airbrush to paint it and wanted easy angles, so thought i'd place them in at he end of the job. Would not fit in for Love nor money! So they're not there. And I would say as a whole I wasn't too keen on assembling this model, it was a little bit awkward to fit together.
For painting it, I used Vallejo Model Air Camo Green, with added Buff for higlights. I'm not trying to modulate or anything like that, just highligh edges and from on top - it's a learning experience. I masked off a bit front and back to apply the yellow (GW's Averland Sunset) and highlighted that with a bit of white added in. The front around the propellor was GW's Doombull Brown with some orange added to highlight The base is medium sea grey.
I again tried to pinwash the panel lines to get some definition. I was a little unsure of the model until I could add the decals which helped a lot.

Anyway I hope you like these and will get some more up soon.


  1. A nice addition, very nice!

  2. Nice mortar Platoon mate, I don't think my 12cm Mortars will see' light of day' after their poor showing and not having smoke is a massive it's back to the 8cm Mortars for me too.

  3. Really good job.Well done.

  4. Cheers guys I'm enjoying them. Yeah grant 12cm mortars with smoke and a decent FP are my dream