Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Motivation To Finish An Army.

Hi Guys,
Andy here with my first update for a while, before Christmas in fact. After finishing the Germans from Open Fire I gave myself a bit of a break and revisited some 40K models which had been occupying my part-done models shelf for far too long. After finishing a couple of small projects I began to feel the call of FoW once again. I also slowly began to remember the vague promise of having a 1000pt army ready for some games by Christmas. Fail. As I listened to the latest episode of Beyond the Foxholes inspiration struck me and I knew I needed a deadline and some purpose to get this army done.
The army so far
My new years resolution from the guys was to attend a tournament and as I listened to Ben talk to Steve Charlton in the guest interview segment my interest was piqued when he began how the tournament would be set up to encourage beginners (or at the very least handicap more experienced players)... then I realised his event was to be only an hours drive away.... and then I realised it was Ben's birthday which naturally means a night of heavy drinking and talking rubbish. SOLD.

So I have a ticket to The-Art-of-War, half a painted army and not much idea how to play Flames of War! I need to have some sort of plan, a little luck and probably some help! First things first... take a picture of all the models I have which I think I'll need to paint...


Second. Make a list....

This is where I enrolled the help of the other Breakthrough Assault guys to help me with my list building. I'm not going to go into it again here, instead you'll have to listen to Episode 10 of Beyond the Foxholes to listen to the other guys bicker about who's list is best!

In the meantime I think assembling some 10.5s and a StuG need assembling pronto if I'm to even stand a chance of making the tournament in 41 days time! (as I'm writing this)

Thanks for reading and be sure to look out for updates soon.



  1. Look forward to seeing you at A.o.W buddy! Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep at it. It is a fun game with plenty of action.

  3. Those Open Fire Germans look great, I'll follow this with interest - perhaps it'll give me the inspiration I need to finish mine off!