Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Winter US Infantry Platoon

Hello All

So my personal Colours 2013 painting challenge is off the ground with the first platoon finished a US Rifle Platoon.
I have changed my painting style from my last US Winter army with these. I have gone for block painting with a really dark base colour, a normal main colour and no highlight. I also remembered to paint them with gloves on this time (felt sorry for the last army, fighting with bare hands!). I wasn't sure about it at first but as the model came together and was finally based I was really happy with the effect.

The basing was done to try and look like a non snow winter battlefield. For this I used dark browns (Chocolate Brown and Flat Earth) for the basing colour with Army Painter Winter Turts and GF9 Arid Grass added for a dying grass effect. Again I'm happy with how the base colours brought the platoon together.

Next up I have a Platoon of M10's with security section on the painting desk, I hope I should get these done pretty quickly.

Thanks for looking and until next time



  1. I think the basing turned out well, nice work.


  2. I didn't realize the regular US infantry platoon had so many bazookas.

    Nice job!