Sunday, 21 July 2013

AAR - Overlord - Desert Rats vs Panzer Lehr - No Retreat

Welcome once again to another AAR, Having lost to Dr Alex a few weeks ago it was time for a rematch, and this time it would decided to join the defense of Europe/liberation of Europe on WWPD's Overlord. Alex took his 7th armoured (which had crushed my Volksgrenadiers) but I hoped my Lehr in Normandy (from Atlantik Wall) may do better.

 So with the lists ready the dice decided we would be playing No retreat.

7th Armoured Lorried Infantry
  • HQ
  • Full Lorried Rifle Platoon with Transport
  • Lorried Rifle Platoon
  • Lorried Rifle Platoon
  • Carrier Platoon
  • 6 6pdr's
  • 4 Heavy Mortars
  • 3 Cromwells & 1 Firefly
  • 8 Sextons
  • AOP
Panzer Lehr
  • HQ - 2 Panzer IVs
  • 4 Panzer IVs
  • 4 Panzer IVs
  • 3 Panthers
  • Half tracked Panzerspah Platoon
  • 2 Flakpanzer 38t
  • 3 Nebs
Generated by WWPD's BatRepper Software.


Alex deployed his sextons (all 8 behind the hill) his heavy mortars to one side, and a rifle platoon on the objective - he kept his 6 Pdr's in ambush. 

With so many templates I had to spread out, and as you can see thats what I did. I guessed I really only had one option, drive onto the objective before his reserves arrived and hope he couldn't get a 5+ to attack back!

Turn 1

So the Panthers headed up my right flank, whilst the PZ4's headed down the middle and left flanks. 
My shooting is startlingly ineffective, managing to only kill one sexton, and the nebs failed to range in. 

Alex fails to get any reserves, but does deploy his 6pdrs in ambush. Half fire at the panzers on the left flank, scragging one of them. However in another display of outrageous luck,  the other 3 manage 8 hits on the platoon in the center (out of 9 shots - needing a 5+) and proceed to destroy the platoon

Turn 2

So with my drive up the middle blunted I decide those who hesitate are lost, My remaining Panzer 4's on the left kill a couple of the 6pdrs, whilst the IC and 2IC lead a charge against the infantry on the objective. The 2Ic sadly got the wrong end of a PIAT but the 1IC managed to drive them away. The Panthers start heading towards the middle, and take out another sexton.

Alex manages to unpin his 6Pdr's who he turns  on the IC and Flakpanzers, killing both the AA guns but thankfully the IC is only bailed. The Rifle platoon fail to move, but do manage to dig in. Meanwhile his artillery and heavy mortars bail a couple of the PZ4's on my left flank. 

Turn 3

The Panzer 4's on my left flank and the Nebs manage to remove another couple of 6Pdr's, leaving only 1 left. The Panthers turn towards the infantry, pinning them with their MG's. 

In a bold move they unpin, and manage to get within 4 of the objective, as well as the IC unpinning and claiming it.

Alex gets one platoon from reserve in the form of his armoured platoon. His infantry fail to unpin. His firefly and cromwells fail to damage the panthers. The sextons and mortars manage to bail one of the panthers and the IC, but fail to move the one closest to the objective. 

And with that victory is mine, 4-3 Axis

Again it looked like Alex's outrageous luck would continue, but focusing on the objective paid dividends!


  1. Cool AAR.

    Was rooting for Alex, but he failed me. Bloody nazis....

  2. My that was a close call! Mull marks for ploughing on when all seemed mayhem initially! Darn 6pdrs!

  3. Yeah those 6pdrs were ridiculous, but the pressing on and never stopping was the key!

  4. This is the third time I've tried to leave this message, grumble.

    I don't recall us agreeing to do this for WWPD, did that discussion take place after you won, on your way home, on your own?

    I will have my vengeance, hopefully tonight