Monday, 1 July 2013

Grenadier HQ & Pak40's finished

Hi Folks,

Andy here with a painting update that I have to confess has been a long time coming. Unfortunately real life and work meant these were sat there with just undercoat on them for most of May when these were supposed to have been painted according to my initial schedule. Just like Market Garden, things started to fall behind schedule almost as soon as I'd started!

However whilst I was away with work I did have plenty of spare time to read other blogs and stumbled across an article about staying motivated and completing whole armies and I realised I had been missing a trick. My preferred painting time always used to be whenever I could get a good few hours at the table but as we all know this is often hard to achieve. But why not just sneak in 30mins of painting each day? For a Flames of War platoon thats should be sufficient to get one colour done, or a wash on a platoon.

Now I appreciate this may be nothing new for a lot of people but to me it would be a totally different way of working. Its also made much easier by the fact I have a hobby desk which doesn't require tidying up, meaning my models are there and ready to go each time I sit down.

With this in mind I set about painting my command teams. Due to the fact there were only three bases to get done progress was quite swift with these guys. Even to the extent I felt I could put a bit more detail into the commander's paint job. This made me think that perhaps I should look at the number of bases I paint in a batch. I think 4-5 may suit me better so I'll give it a try on the next Grenadier platoon.

I'm starting to get more comfortable with painting 15mm models now and I've come to the conclusion its all about the washes and the (semi-)drybrushing! I'm even getting the hang of faces but need to perfect the wash mix for the faces still.

The Pak40's were up next and for me these were a joy to paint and a nice change from pure infantry teams. I don't have an airbrush so the cammo was done using a sponge drybrushing method I first tried out on my 40K Chaos Defiler and personally I think it was a lot less hassle.

And finally below is a shot of everything I've painted so far. Its not a huge amount but it is starting to look like an army and taking shots like this definitely help to get the feeling of progress!

As always thanks for reading and happy Gaming/Painting/Modelling (delete as appropriate),


PS. Sorry for my lack of replies to comments on my last post. I promise to do better this time!


  1. Very smart looking force.
    I wish you well in the Wehrmacht! ;-)

  2. These really do look fantastic. Terrific work.


  3. Just did a Grenadier Company myself, yours are very nice and polished looking! The detail is great too.

  4. Thanks for all the encouraging comments guys.

  5. They look great, 'a colour a day is my motto' ... just keeps the painting ticking away

  6. Little and often, just the way I like it :)

    These look superb Andy, looks like you've made the transition to 15mm like a duck to water.

    Hope to see them in the flesh one day

  7. Nicely done sir. Sponge method on the PAK's works out nicely.

  8. @winner dave
    Once I have a full army painted i'm sure they'll be seeing some game time! We'll have to make sure we sort something out.

    I'll be doing the Stug G's soon so hopefully it will work as well for them too!

  9. Andy great work! I really can't wait to see a finished army! Adam was saying your reward for a painted army would be us invading your house and going to a nearby tournament.


  10. Beautiful detail mate, I particularly like the Grenadier HQ and the helmet cam and weapon details...................the basing looks really good on the GW terrain mate.