Monday, 29 July 2013

German Half Tracks - Lehr

Hi all,

Dr Cox here again with some newly painted models, today it's my half tracks.
I've had two units of half tracks to paint for my two Lehr lists, and I think in both cases they're quite integral! In the first list it's the Gepanzerte Aufklärungs Platoon, I would go as to say that these guys are integral to the meuse list as they give the spearhead ability. 

In game terms they're brilliant for getting an infantry platoon quickly into place, and with the ability to purchase extra half tracks you can keep people safe from blown up vehicles. You can also add in a tank hunter team which is excellent both on defense and as an extra base on the offense

The models themselves, I have to admit I have a little crush on, they're kind of cool and small and you imagine them zipping into place and defending the ground from the enemy, or taking the fight too them. 
The models went together well, though some of the front wheels slots on the hull took a bit of work to clear the flash out so the wheel would fit
The other unit are my Half-tracked Panzerspäh Platoon. these are an excellent recon option in my opinion as the half track means they can maneuver in difficult terrain - where ambushes may hide - better than wheeled recon. 
In the new atlantik wall book they're 100 points, sadly in meuse they're still 115, and with 8-rads being 70 - it's a now brainer i'm afraid.
Again I love these cool little models with their dinky turret guns. For the command one I bought Von Sauken, as his one has the radio in the back - very suitable for recce I think.

Anyway I hope you like, till next time


  1. Nice, I want some of those 250s but am willing to wait till PSC does a plastic kit version...

  2. I've hoped previously they would do it, but the extra bonus they add to the list meant I went for them

  3. That last pic makes me wish I had a PIAT handy....

    Lovely paint jobs as ever sir.

  4. They look good. How do you use the Gepanzerte Aufklärungs Platoon in games? I'm building up a German Lehr list right now. I am planning to include these guys but feel that they could have a tough time as a relatively small infantry platoon. What have you done to use them effectively?

  5. I've only used them a few times, and I've found 2 main ways of using them.

    The first is in mobile battles where they head off to undefended objectives and dig in to hold them. The spearhead move helps here, and so does a mix of other threats (PZ4's) and smoke.

    The other use Is picking of isolated teams, you'll see in an upcoming AAR vs winner, that he had some Anti tank guns on a limb - right for the picking!

    Hope that helps

    1. Thanks. Gives me some ideas.

    2. Any thoughts on how you will adjust your Lehr list for the new 1650 LW point level?