Monday, 22 April 2013

Volksgrenadiers - Pak 40's and Flak43's

Hi Everyone

Dr Cox Here again with more Volksgrenadiers

Thought that as I painted these 2 platoons together I'd post them together.
Firstly the Pak 40's. As you may remember I did some Pak 40's earlier but with everyone else being in winter kit, I thought I'd do theses too. I initially discussed with Ben just getting the new winter anti tank group and removing the old Pak 40's, but  Ben came through for me with 3 of his own for me to steal!

I have to say I really liked the Anti tank blister, it gives you the option to convert any gun into looking that little bit more winter based (considering getting another set to do some Pak36's for mid war). There was quite a lot of flash in odd places, especially in between the legs and in the arm crease of the man at the front of the bases. But as always lovely to paint so I'm happy with the result.
I'd also have to say just how helpful the instructions are on the battle front website, especially as the figures also have the infantry gun figures in the pack. - I think it's probably fairer to say I now notice more when there are no instructions on the website
As for how they operate in the game - They're still Pak 40's and they're good on attack and defense - too much love for one gun!

As for the Flak43's, well I bought these mainly as I was going on a binge for models in winter gear!
 (and they had one at my FLGS).
Again I have to thank battle front for the instructions on how to put them together, saved a bit of time. The cast of the models was good with a bit of flash on the guns nothing too much though, I would say the mold lines were quite prominent on a couple of the helmets too.
As for the gun well, it suffers from being immobile, meaning it's hard to move (basically on defense it must start on the board) and also also hard to hide from your opposition. It's range and RoF are not bad, and it can shred advancing infantry and light vehicles, but I just see it as something quite easy to avoid.

On the other hand though, it is the only AAA in the list, so depending on your regular opponents it may be gold!

Anyway hope you enjoyed these units, until next time

Dr Cox


  1. Some great looking snowy pictures! Very impressive, very nice figures...

  2. Very nice. Whats not to like about a PaK40!? ;-)

    Interesting looking FlaK43's ... I got a couple for my Festung Grenadiers... but they are modeled on a large base with a trailer..., I wonder why the difference? [I agree it was a bit of a mind bender to put together!]

  3. @Phil thanks for the support these guys are now spilling over from one case, so keeping me going is getting key!

    @Scott how strange - I have no idea why the difference