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Schwerepanzerjägerkompanie List Review

Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie

Hey everyone another article for you to chew over.

So after part 1 the discussion of the list, I thought I'd do a review of having played these guys.

So far they've played against a British Rifle Company, FJ Infantry, Soviet Fortified List, 11th Armoured, U.S 7th Armoured, StuG Battery, Panzer Lehr and British armour (usually 1750 points, but one 1250 and one 2K)

I'm not going to dissect these games, but more look at the way the army plays and interacts.

The first issue I find is the Jagdpanther, it is a beast, pretty high front armour and a devastating gun, wrecking jumbos easily! But like many 'death star' units it has it's weakness - low top armour so very vulnerable to artillery and assaults (especially due to low numbers).

I think that 3 is too many, they are best used as hunters, the fear they may shoot to terrify your opponent! They need to strangely hug cover (fireflies are not my friends) and have decent infantry supporting them. 2 works best, but if you end up out of position; either by having too few units to cover your flanks or by having their targets deployed elsewhere by ambush. The best answer I came up to this was by having the IC as a Jagdpanther (and if taking three the 2IC too!).

On the other hand the Stug is the workhorse! I'm now far keener to have 2 platoons of these guys 3 or 4 strong). They are solid and more numerous, able to deal better with infantry and I'm less worried to loose them.

Infantry wise, I keep wishing at points I was fearless, but if the grenadiers advance with the hq nearby they're fine - (statistically fine, actually my dice to unpin/tank terror are awful!). An HQ Faust is a must, and 2 platoons are significantly more useful than 1! The security section is never worth using IMHO, it might be a 6th platoon but due to having to deploy it has limited use!

The whirbelwinds I want to love and use, but I'm finding them less useful, their short range hinders killing infantry and there isn't much air arrayed against me so far. Add into that due to this forces low numbers you can normally spread out and deploy to mitigate planes I can leave these gents in the box

As for artillery/mortars, smoke is very useful, against Ben's 11th Armoured it would have been far better used to limit his fireflies, but I discovered that too late! The mortars are very useful, but I find the longer artillery range, and it's greater threat potential has been more useful, so I think if I had the points I'd go with them. The heavy artillery is too many points, and whilst potentially more destructive vs vehicles - the Jadg's do that fine!

So in summary I think this list is a bit of a fail! The reason being that you want the core unit, the Jagdpanther, to make the list. But actually it is far more of a support to the other units than a star on it's own.

The StuG repeatedly is outperforming, and I think the StuG lists from bridge by bridge and grey wolf do the job as well and cheaper. I just can't shake that feeling!

The list is fun to play and I think it's got a decent playability to it, but you'll struggle against hoards of para's I believe. But I'd keep on playing it, you never know when you want some good lot AT16 to rip the opponents tank to shreds.

Thanks for reading Dr Cox

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