Monday, 1 April 2013

Tale of Winter Gamers - Final Report - 25th Panzergrenadierkompanie

Well readers this is it, after 5 months, I've finished my ToWG project.

My only objective this month was my Panthers, I'd changed my initial list where I had 4, to only 3 but that meant I would be able to take the Flampanzers, which was pretty iconic for operation Nordwind
The Panthers themselves were fairly easy to paint, I used my tried and tested vehicle scheme, but enjoyed the extra details on the Panthers. It's slightly strange that with all the Germans I've been painting these are actually the first proper tanks (read not assault guns) and I thought they were lovely, maybe lovely enough to do some crazy Panther company... who knows.
As for scenery (and I do apologies for no pictures - I forgot!) I went for some 4 Ground ruined buildings, looking good with snow on - i promise they'll appear in a report soon!
The project itself has been fun, and I'm pleased that I've been able to see it through from conception through to completion. On the other hand I've been seduced by other projects on the way, and strangely I've only had 1 game with these gents. I do look forward to a few more games with them, but as for a regular list I'm less sure, time will tell.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed the project we did.

Until next time

Dr Cox


  1. An herculean task completed, congratulations
    Not the usual behaviour for a wargamer that tends to jump from project to project and hardly ever finishing one

    1. Thanks! Really appreciated people's support

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful!

  3. Great stuff. A hell of an effort to get through to the finish!

  4. Very good feeling to see a project through to it's end. I did an operation Nordwind project a couple years ago - in 6mm. All on my blog as well. Having the blog helped to keep me on target.

  5. Impressive! I am jealous of your ability to not only finish, but at such a good level of detail. Bravo!

  6. Again thanks for the support, I agree keeping a blog is a great way to keep motivated. I also found the more I painted the easier to do the details as you know where to look for them - and if you ignore them they haunt you!