Sunday, 7 April 2013

AAR - Schwerepanzerjager vs Irish Guards - No Retreat

So I've a slightly different game for you all today.

I'd agreed a game with a local player down the club for an attempt to recreate XXX core racing up Hell's highway.

For this Kev choose an Irish guard list, I decided to give my Jagdpanthers their last game (for the time being) we worked decided before hand on 'hold the line' with my forces defending.

Kev took:-
HQ, 2ic (2 extra Shermans)
2 platoons of 2 Shermans 2 Fireflies
1 platoon 2 Shermans 1 Firefly
2 Mc10
Guards column (recon option)

I had
HQ Jagdpanther
2 Jagdpanther
3 Stug
3 section, Faust and Panzerschreks
2 section, Faust and Panzerschreks
2 Whirblwind
4 Heavy Artillery

I deployed the 3 section platoon in the village, with artillery in the back field, my HQ hiding in the village.

Kevin deployed his entire army ready to charge, moving the column platoon up.

Turns 1 and 2

Kev charged up Hell's highway ignoring the ford on the right, a lucky MG shot killed a grenadier in a building.

My artillery hit killing one Sherman and one bailed another, the Jagdpanthers revealed themselves in ambush and killed one and bailed another Sherman

Kevin responded by moving 2 fireflies to target my Jagdpanthers, killing one, I returned fire slightly I effectively destroying another firefly and bailing another with my Jagdpanthers, my artillery failed to range in. I remembered my storm trooper move this time, but failed the roll - typical!

Turns 3-4
Kevin focused on my Jagdpanthers. Reluctant to enter the village with my grenadiers. He managed to pin the grenadiers, losing another base. The two fireflies and the M10's waste the remaining Jagdpanther, but my IC survives 2 hits.

My StuGs arrive from reserve, and destroy a Sherman. My IC kills another forcing a moral test which he passes, my artillery hits his bunched up tanks, hitting 4, with 2 kills and 2 bails which forces a platoon to bug out!

Turn 4 was fairly pointless as we fail to damage each other in any way! But my other stop of grenadiers arrive. Sadly the existing platoon still don't unpin.

Turn 5-6
Kev continues to fire at the StuG's and infantry killing one Stug, I return fire killing another Sherman with the artillery whilst the StuG's bail 2 more.

Leaving charges across the water with some shermans hoping to kill the IC, 1 bogs but he wastes my IC. However in return my StuG's bail his tanks, and the short grenadier platoon kills them, the remnants of the large platoon try to assault the shermans on the bridge but just are too scared too.the whirblwind kills 2 universal carriers.

Turn 7
Time running out Kev goes for the kill trying to force me to loose platoons to win the game, 1 MC10 kills the whirblwinds, the other kills a StuG but they survive the moral test. He also uses his last carrier to force the big grenadier platoon to bug out

I return fire at the MC10's killing one with the last Stug and the artillery killing the other - the grenadiers hit the last Sherman, with 4 platoons and his IC gone Kev conceded - the axis forces have turned back the allied advance!

It was a different game for me - more narrative than competitive, but very close! It really felt like I was scrambling forces to hold the bridge, valiantly trying not to let the allies through! If my Stug had run Kev would have won. My Jagdpanthers again under performed and I missed my 2 Stug platoons!
The heavy artillery where fun (I'd just finished painting), but just didn't cut the mustard.

Kev was a fun opponent and kudos to his charge for glory, afterwards we both thought maybe a few shermans across the ford would have forced me to act differently but you live and you learn!

Either way brilliant fun and I look forward to another game! This will be the last AAR for a while with the Schwerepanzerjager company, I hope you've enjoyed their exploits.
Thanks for reading

Dr Cox


  1. Wow, that was a complete Blood bath. It actually looked like one of those tense, down to the wire games (they are my favourite type and the ones I enjoy the most as it swings better your advantage and the enemy stealing the initiative)Your artillery did spectacularly well there!

  2. It was nerve shredding close! If my Stug had failed to motivate I'd have been below 1/2 strength without an IC! A 4+ roll saves me (when they so often betray me) but close games - win or lose, are the most fun IMHO

  3. A very nice battle of tanks, great report!

  4. Great stuff, nice report and well done!

  5. Nice read mate, was going to look at a short platoon of CV Jagdpanther support for my FV SS Panzergrenadiers, but after reading the 3 x AARs involving the Jagds' it seems I'd be wasting some much needed points............