Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finnish Tank Hunters (Winter)

Hello all, another update for my winter Finns - the tank hunters. 

Though I'm planning to double them up as pioneers. I'm able to do this I feel as the models just lend themselves to it, all sculpted with strange bits and pieces of equipment - really if there was a flamethrower model they'd be perfect.
To make sure they can run as EW pioneers I needed an extra 4 man base than what comes in the two blisters, thankfully with a few spare from the Jääkäri platoon blisters I can mix them in easily.
The models themselves are nice, there was a fair bit of flash and even a miscast but nothing two noticeable I think. The sculpts specific for this set are really nice, the 'pioneers' especially are beautiful. The anti tank rifles I'm a little more on the fence regarding the designs though.
I painted them as the rest of my army, though used more green from the helmet on the equipment, which I think works. I'd be lying if I said this was an easy batch to paint, the white is an arse to layer and with so many figs it was a little soul destroying.
Game wise I see the pioneers as a great option in EW and not bad in MW and LW all being AT4 - the only downside in EW is CV not FV sadly. The role as a tank hunter I'm in two minds though, having these platoons dedicated as opposed to combat attached in MW really reduces their usefulness I feel, just leaves them out a little on a limb - too small to fight independently. I think in MW where they can join the Jääkäri teams they will be far more useful.

Anyway hope you like them, until next time



  1. Looking great Adam. You've really stuck at it with your Finns. Are there many more to go? Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Oh yes... Sadly yes... Think I'm going snow blind